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B.E. College Alumni Association Bijoya Sammilani - Delhi Chapter, October 31, 1999

Reported by: Alok Kanti Deb (94 EE)


Bijoya sammilani celebrations of BE College Alumni Association - Delhi Chapter was held on 31.10.99 at the mail hall of Sriram Centre, New Delhi. The crowd assembled at 6 P.M and exchanged traditional greetings of "Shubho Bijoya". Subscription collection of 1999 and updating of our address booklet was carried out at the registration desk. Snacks comprising of 'singara', vegetable patties, 'mangsher chop', 'sandesh' and tea was served. The cultural programme started at 7 P.M. The inauguration was done with the chanting of hymns by Miss Aneshya Chatterjee. She also presented some 'rajanikanter gaan', 'atulprosader gaan' and a bhajan.

For the next part of the programme the stage was taken over by the group of Mr S Chidambar (alumni), Mrs Chitralekha Das, Mrs Keka Banerjee and Mr Tamal Banerjee (alumni). They were assisted by Mr Debabrata( on the spanish) and Mr. Vineet Vedprakash (on the synthesiser). The presented "GAAN SHUDHU GAAN" comprising 'rabindra sangeet' and modern bengali songs. The item was compared by Mr Arijit Roy(67CE). The song "boshe acchi station-ete, lebu lozenges-er shishi ta hate, keka kokiler golata shukiye kath, gari aaj late dourochhe........" and accompanied by nice background music entralled the audience. The songs "kaun she alor swapno diye jano aamae ........" and "tapur tupur sara dupur nupur bajae ke, jano ek pagla maye........" presented by Mrs. Das was well appreciated by the audience. Mr Chidambar also presented "Hotel Calfornia".

In the next event Miss Shabnam Datta(97CE) presented 'nazrul geeti'.Then Miss Sudeshna Mitra(97CE) recited two poems -"Malabilata balika bidyalaya" of poet Joy Goswami & "Karunamoye" written by poet Shakha Ghosh. Then "ki naam deke bolbo tomake ..........." a song by Shyamal Mitra was presented by Arijit Roy(97EE) assisted by Mr S Chidambar on the synthesiser. Their performance received good appreciation from the audience. Next Mr Kaushik chatterjee played on the guiter assisted by Mr Udayan Datta on the tabla.

The last came the drama for which the audience stayed back though the programme was running one & half hour behind schedule. "Nayankabirer Pala" was presented by the alumni themselves. The lead roles were played by Sudipta Chakraborty (better known as Pedro,96 Arch) & Mr Kunal Bhattacharya(90 batch). It was so enjoying that it is sure to be a matter of discussion whenever any two alumni who watched the play meet again. The programme ended at 10.30 P.M.