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B.E. College Alumni Meet - New Delhi Chapter, August 22, 1999

After a span of over a year B E College Alumni Association, Delhi Chapter met on 22nd August 1999 at the LTG Auditorium, Copernicus Marg, New Delhi. It was attended by over 90 alumni based in & around Delhi. Though late by about 45 minutes, the registration started at 5.30 P.M. Apart from paying the subscription the members were asked to update their official & residential addresses as the database of Delhi-based alumni is being updated.[/P][P]The programme started with a memorial to Dr Jayanta Kr. Pal, Vice President of alumni association (Delhi Chapter) who passed away on 27th Jan, 1999. The contribution of Dr Pal to B. E. College alumni association & B. E. College was remembered. As a mark of his contribution to the association, a silver plaque (that was displayed at the registration desk) was handed over to his family. The next item was modern bengali songs by Mr Debabrata Bhattacharya & group. There was a break after that for 45 minutes for tea & snacks, specially prepared by "Babumoshai, C. R. Park, Delhi". Everybody relished in the bengali food.[/P][P]The programme ended with the play called "CHALA CHITTA CHANCHARI" written by Sukumar Roy & enacted by Bikalpa Theatre group of Delhi. It was based on the relationship between the different groups, cults & fraternity that evolved in the beginning of the nineteenth century in Calcutta. The war of words between the groups was a subject of discussion at that time. The fight between the groups was due to intolerance for others & it was merely a war of words among themselves. Each of the groups were stubborn in their own narrow ideals but were one step ahead to criticise others. By this play Sukumar Roy made live his own personal experiences with Brahmo Samaj. The play enacted by Bikalpa made the audience spellbound. The gathering dispersed at 8.45P.M with a vow to meet again in large numbers. The next gathering will be the Vijaya Sammelani in October, 1999