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Felicitation of BECAA Delhi Chapter

Reported by Alok Kanti Deb 94EE

A special function was held on 3/2/2002 at the Committee Room of School of Planning and Architecture(4-B,I.P Estate,N Delhi-11 FFF2) to felicitate and honour some of our illustrious alumni members for their contribution in various fields. The first to be honoured was Mr Sudhir Kanjilal(1932 CE) who also happened to be the first president of the local chapter. Ninety-two year Mr Kanjilal who currently resides at Chandanagar but still enquires about our local chapter was represented by his son, Mr. Arun Kanjilal (1960 EE) at the ceremony. The second to be honoured was Mr Harisadhan Bandopadhyay (1940 CE).[/P][P]Eighty-four year old Mr Bandopadhyay was also honoured in absentia. Mr Arun Kanjilal received a silver plaque, a shawl and a bouquet on behalf of the recepients to be delivered to them at their residences. The next to be honoured was Prof Samir Rakshit (64-Architecture) who was also the Chief Guest of the function. Mr Rakshit had received the prestigious BANKIM PUROSKAR for the year 2001 for his contribution to Bengali literature. He had received the award for the book "Dukher Akkhan". Prof Rakshit delivered a lecture punctuated with a slide show on the different facets of architectural heritage of India.By this small token of felicitation the current alumni remembered the tireless efforts and sacrifices made by these alumni members to develop this local chapter of the association from scratch and imbibed inspiration to carry it further. The programme ended with the Annual General Meeting of BECAAD and formation of the new working committee for the year 2002 followed by lunch.