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Dear Alumni Members, 

Our traditional winter annual picnic will be held on Sunday, the 1st of February 2004, at the DDA Picnic Hut, Deer Park, Green Park, New Delhi(entry from the Green Park side, opposite Rose Garden). 

We have sent formal letter by post / personal courier. This is my personal request to our members for participation. 

My most sincere request to all of you is to forward this mail to our other Alumni members, your friends / colleagues so that our message can reach maximum number of our Alumni members. I would look for your co-operation so that we can have a good participation, making it a success. 

Once again thanks to all of you, for your co-operation. 

Asim Deb. 

General Secretary 

Bengal Engineering College Alumni Association, Delhi. 

Tel : Office 95120-253 7135 

Res 95129-251 2754[/FONT]